A range of comfortable beds suited to your trip

Drawing on the strengths of a dedicated manufacturer that has for many long years pursued the development of comfortable capsule beds,
we are uniquely poised to offer a variety of comfortably appointed rooms. Choose the best room to fit your needs.


A comfortable sleep courtesy of our select bedding manufacturer

A veteran bedding manufacturer local to Kyoto has overseen the design and development of the men’s and women’s sleeping quarters.
This standard bed is slightly on the spacious side at 1m long, 1m wide, and 2m deep.


Long beds for those of tall stature

This fully made-to-order long bed is 30cm taller than the average-sized bed.
This allows even those of tall stature to stretch out and unwind after a long day.


Alternating beds with dedicated lockers create a private space

The entrance to the cabins employs a sliding door design, with an alternating layout of bunked cabins that lets you have total privacy.
The horizontal design lets you enter from the side of the bed with ease.
Ample space in front of the lockers gives you room to pack and unpack your luggage.


Private rooms with desks, lockers, and beds are great for long-term stays

The elegant interior of this private room features a desk, locker, and bed.
The subdued furnishings feature a wood grain tone and a fully private space for you to unwind.


Private, cabin-style rooms

These spacious rooms are perfect for longer stays.
This private room comes equipped with a dedicated locker and a large TV.
Enjoy a full in-room experience that differs from the typical capsule.